haters gona sk8
At a skateboard park in Manehattan of the 90s, a group of best friends of dare devilish, childish young stallions hang out, showing off their skills, fighting with each other, doing stupid shit and just dicking around.

Chose from 6 ponies to ask questions to!

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New headcanon: Colorio loves rolling over and this is how he does it:


But none of the sk8er ponies make fun of him because they know Colorido would knock them out if they made fun of him, so instead the others just exchange awkward glances at each other.

((Fun fact: it’s true, the blog is set in the 90s and the sk8er pones are around 17 years old along with Joen and Kalyan))


Oh god what did I do ;A; I’m actually in a good mood pff idk I just-

10 panels tho really?

Idk, I saw Redeye’s update (which you should take a look at btw) and since Goldspear grew up in an orphanage too I thought “hey, what would happen if they were in the same orphanage?”

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Decided to draw the mares in the shows style too. c: Oh and Joen, lulz.

From left to right: Kalyan, Joen, Angel, Panda, Penelope, and Birdie who belongs to tracymod :3


I thought I’d relax by drawing the sk8er ponies in the shows style. c:


I decided to make a new OC cos making new OCs is fun.

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A new OC who may appear on this blog some time c:

  taren19 said:
Does Aero have a smolder too?


i need to fucking draw that omg