At a skateboard park in Manehattan of the 90s, a group of best friends of dare devilish, childish young stallions hang out, showing off their skills, fighting with each other, doing stupid shit and just dicking around.

Chose from 6 ponies to ask questions to!

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just a little something to remind you that I’m still alive.

Also this was drawn by one of the sk8ers who secretly makes fun of Colorido behind his back


So I decided to finally make one, now that I am finished with Uni and stuff I should hopefully have time to work on Klausen and my blogs and a little more. :D

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I’m not expecting everyone to support me but I figured having a patreon would just be a nice little support to have on the side for me, as I have things I need to be saving up for so this’ll do me a little bit of good I hope. :’D

Thank you very much for placing your eyeballs on this post! ^w^


I kind of can’t be bothered to shade these so just in case I never get around to it, here’s my sk8er ponies, as avengers. XD 

Maybe I’ll shade it at some point, but I’ve been trying to finish this for over a week but haven’t managed to because i’ve been too busy or distracted and now I’m just sick of this drawing lol

I don’t think I ever reblogged this to this blog, did I? I never got around to finishing it because I got too lazy…Maybe I’ll draw an updated version someday.

Anyway even though it’s MONTHS old, here you go…xD


yee coloured it.

Like I said in the WIP, drawing ponies skateboarding is really hard, especially in my style, so I hope you know why I don’t draw the sk8er ponies doing much skating on my blog now lol :v


Here we go, the moment ya’ll been waiting for over a year now. yaay!

I have to say this was fun to draw…despite how difficult it is to draw legs in the right position and folded wings from the front view. lol 

This is based on this pic right here~

In case you so happen to not know what this is, (something which a lot of followers have been requesting I draw for a while now XD) My OCs (minus Scootaloo who is obviously not my OC), Cowboy Bebop versions. 

It’s nearly 3am, rn, I think I deserve some sleep after this. 8D